Grade 3-4


Acting Session I, III
So you want to be a star? Join us onstage! You’ll develop your dramatic imagination and communication skills, and learn how to bring a play to life from script to stage by exploring characters, blocking scenes, and experimenting with acting techniques. You’ll even get to show off what you learned with a performance on the last day, in front of your very own audience of family and friends. Watch out, Broadway, here you come!


All About Apps Session II
Want to write computer code, explore the world or become a citizen scientist? Want to be a filmmaker and make stop motion animations? If so, join us at All About Apps, where we’ll use iPads to learn, explore, and create. Along the way, you’ll earn badges to recognize your accomplishments, such as writing lines of code using game apps, contributing observations of nature online using Project Noah, and “hiking” rainforests, ancient ruins, and glaciers. We will even hold an Angry Birds tournament, projecting the game on-screen, and then head outdoors to play a life-size version of the game!

Art Tees Session II
Calling all fashion designers! If you’ve ever seen a really neat T-shirt and imagined making one of your own, great news – now you can! In this class, you’ll actually create a piece of wearable art by taking your own fun photos, then importing your pictures into Photoshop and producing your own T-shirt designs. Next, you’ll print your work and transfer your design onto a plain shirt. By the time the last day of class arrives, you’ll have several cool, one-of-a-kind tees to take home!

Bakery Delights Session I, III There’s dough to be rolled, flour to be sprinkled, and cookies to be cut in this class devoted to all things baked. Learn to prepare bakery delights from around the world, using delectable sweets and fresh summer fruits to create such mouthwatering treats as cookies, crumbles, and crisps, while getting hands-on experience as a real baker in a real kitchen. Everyone will want your recipes!


The Big Dig Session III
Roll up your sleeves and dig into the exciting world of rocks, crystals, and fossils! Together, we’ll grow our own crystals, learn how to identify rocks, and pan for real gold in a homemade river. Be part of the excavation team as we dig up an entire dinosaur skeleton and put it together. Amaze your family by making and painting your own mold of a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and Oviraptor claw to bring home!

Campfire Cooking NEW! Session II
Ever go camping and get really hungry but there is no restaurant close by? Want to learn how to start a campfire then cook yummy treats? Well, this course will help you do both! You will learn how to build and start a campfire then create delicious treats to cook over the campfire. Treats will include S’mores, campfire bundles, banana boats, berry cobbler, and many more!

Candy Crush Session I
Have you ever played Candy Land, watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or visited an old-fashioned candy store? If so, you might have found yourself wishing you could make your own delectable treats. This class will take you to a whole new level of sweet temptations, guiding you through the basics of candy making. Learn to mold, marbleize, dip, drizzle, and paint your sweet concoctions. Mix, cook, and stretch some tasty taffy, too!

Chocolate Cravings Session II
Do you dream about doing the backstroke in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river? This class will get you pretty close! Dig right in to chocolate of all sorts- milk, dark, white- while we learn how to cook and bake with it to create decadent chocolate treats. We’ll try a new recipe each day, making sure to satisfy every sweet tooth!

Clay Whistles NEW! Session II
Get ready to whistle while you work in this advanced clay class. Art and music combine when you create fun animal whistles and other functional instruments. Express your creative side and take home exciting art that is all your own!

Computer Animation Session II
You love watching cartoons, but have you ever thought that you could actually make your own? Well, you can- and will- learn how to produce simple and not-so-simple computer animations, ranging from two-dimensional cartoon sequences to more involved three-dimensional masterpieces. Unleash your creative energies as you sample some of the hottest computer applications around!

Costume Shop NEW! Session II
Why just go to the store to buy a costume when you can create your own fabulous costume shop? From masks and mustaches to wings and capes, you’ll learn how to make your own costumes and disguises. Using a variety of materials, including face paint, fabric, cardboard, tissue paper, and (of course) duct tape, we’ll transform ourselves into witches, wizards, knights, fairies, monsters, and other amazing creatures. Bring your imagination to life!

Cracking the Code Session I
If you want to tell a computer what to do, you have to be able to speak its language, or code. In this class, you’ll learn several different computer languages, including Logo and JavaScript. Next, you’ll use these languages to tell the computer how to draw shapes and patterns, and program the movement of characters in a video game. You’ll even compete in some real life challenges to prove you know how to crack the code!

Crazy Chemistry Session I, III
Become a Summer Place chemist as you discover and experiment with basic science concepts. Explode pop rockets, launch a huge 50-foot solar balloon, get lost in a dry ice cloud, create gooey slimes, send geysers of soda high into the sky, create “worms” and “snow” by mixing just the right liquids and powders, and even shake-and-make ice cream. This course is sure to excite the curiosity of all future scientists!

Darkroom to Digital Session I
Ever wonder how photographs were created before the digital camera was invented? Or how film-based and digital photos are both the same and different? In this course, you’ll spend the first week making sun prints and photograms, taking pictures with film cameras, and developing black-and-white photographs in the darkroom. The second week, you’ll convert those printed photos to digital images, change them up with Photoshop, then use them to create your own artistic masterpieces!

Digital iPainting PLUS Session I
Learn how easy and fun it is to make great art with an iPad! We’ll take photographs and turn them into paintings using fun drawing and painting apps. PLUS, we’ll experiment with real paint on paper and compare our results! You’ll get to use all kinds of paints and brushes, then try a variety of special effects when you paint on the iPad with your fingers. You’ll also take photos of your paintings, and see what they look like when you change the colors. The possibilities are endless when you combine digital painting with real paint and brushes. Come join the fun!

Flight School Session III
Are you interested in aviation? Does aerodynamics fascinate you? We’ll build and launch complex paper airplanes that loop, glide, and spin! We’ll send a slingshot helicopter into the sky, launch a hot-air balloon, send boomerangs flying, and design and build our own kites. We’ll also experiment with flying discs and even play a round of Frisbee Golf.

Gooshy Mooshy Formulas Session II
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to experiment. We’ll measure and mix some gooshy, mooshy, squishy ingredients to make some messy and marvelous scientific concoctions! Join us as we stir things up every day with a new, fun formula. Whether we’re combining ingredients for a batch of Flubber, Floam, or fizzing sidewalk paint, every day will be a new, messy mix!!

Learning the Ropes Session I, II, III
Climb, tug, roll and swing your way like Tarzan through the challenges of the university’s ropes course. This is a challenging opportunity for you to test your own limits, gain self-confidence, and learn how to work cooperatively with others – all while having lots of fun! Play and learn through games and low and high-ropes activities. Solve problems blindfolded, work together for new “world records,” test your skill and determination, and cooperate for fun and the satisfaction of making it across, through, under and over.

The Learning Zone Sessions I, II, III
The Learning Zone is an enrichment course option offered to Summer Place campers who could benefit from small-group academic instruction in reading, math, written expression, and study skills. The class is offered to students entering grades three through nine. Groups meet in a relaxed, air-conditioned space that is highly conducive to learning.

The Summer Place learning-skills specialist focuses on an individual plan for each student, based on the needs of the child. The Learning Zone teacher will contact each parent prior to the summer to gather the information needed to develop an educational plan. The specialist will then teach, model, and reinforce the concepts and learning strategies necessary to achieve each student’s specific goals. At the end of each two-week session, parents will receive a written report that summarizes progress made and current achievement levels. This report may, in turn, be passed on to the student’s teachers in the fall.

Summer Place campers may enroll in a Learning Zone course in each session they attend. A nominal fee of $250 per Learning Zone course is charged for this individualized program. For further information on this special option, please call the Summer Place office.

Loco for LEGO Session I, II
Calling all LEGO® fans! Come and compete in building challenges as we take an exciting LEGO journey. We’ll build people for our LEGO town and cars for them to drive in. Then we’ll construct an entire city, complete with a fire station, an airport, and even a market. At the end of the two-week adventure, you’ll have your own kit to mix up more LEGO madness at home. LEGO Land is waiting for you!

Makin’ Music NEW! Session I, III
Music lovers wanted. Ever dream of being in a band or composing your own music? Now is the time to make music digitally! Here, we’ll create and compose our own original music and songs using digital music software. First, we’ll listen to some of our favorite hits to explore the making of music! Then it’s off to the music lab, where you will digitally write, compose, and produce songs that include different instruments and beats. At the end of the session, you will have the chance for your song to be played for an audience, featured on Facebook, or in the end of the year slideshow.

Minecraft Session I, III
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an eager newbie, team up with your friends to create, craft, and explore in the exciting world of Minecraft. You’ll start by learning the basics of building structures, gathering resources, and crafting tools, allowing you to build your very own world. The only limit to your adventure is your imagination! Note: No Minecraft account needed.

Speed Racers Session I
Discover the importance of aerodynamics, mass, and friction as you build your very own race cars. You will learn the tricks of the trade and perfect your sawing, sanding, gluing, and precision-balancing skills while building a Pinewood Derby racer during the first week and a rocket-powered CO2 dragster the second. Compete to find out if your speed racer will cross the finish line first!

Splatter Paint Session III
What can you make your paint do? Grab your goggles and let’s find out!! Splat, puff, pop!! In this fun, interactive class, you’ll be able to splatter paint across the paper like abstract artist Jackson Pollock. You’ll make puffy paint and use it to create three-dimensional art. And you’ll pop paint-filled balloons on paper to make one-of-a-kind abstract art pieces. Are you ready? Let’s add more color to your world!

Street Magic Session III
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a magician like Harry Houdini, David Blaine, or Criss Angel? Study card, coin, and rope tricks, vanishing illusions, and mind reading. You’ll finish the session with more than 30 astonishing tricks up your sleeve. Enter the world of illusions and impress your friends at every party!

Tie It, Dye It, Dry It Session II
We’ll be tie-dying like crazy and we’re not just talkin’ T-shirts! Dip and dye in bright, bold colors using sunbursts and wild patterns as you discover new ways to make your tie-dye project one-of-a-kind. Incorporate your favorite pop song lyrics or inspirational quote into your piece by using fabric paint and markers. Try the accordion knot technique to make a wall hanging, a T-shirt, or a colorful pillowcase that your friends can sign at your next sleepover.


Totally Toys NEW! Session II
Are you the champion of family game night or just love board games and puzzles? This is your chance to create your own! Whether you like checkers, chess, or giant 3D puzzles you can design and build your own toys, games, and puzzles using the latest 3D model makers and high tech laser cutters. Laser cut, assemble and paint wooden checkers and a checkerboard, 3D chess pieces, or a set of dominos. Toys R Us will be calling!

Water Rockets Session I
Get ready for launch! Learn how to transform an ordinary 2-liter soda bottle into an extraordinary water rocket that really flies. Add fins and a nose cone to create an aerodynamic design. Achieve maximum altitude on launch day and become a Summer Place junior astronaut.

Wild Things Session I, II, III
Summer Place is going wild! Animals from around the world will be visiting each day from The Wildlife Sanctuary at The Children’s Museum. Meet creatures like an African bullfrog, a South American boa constrictor, and an Australian bearded dragon- along with a host of other unusual mammals, reptiles, and amphibians! Learn about animal behavior, habitats, and the care that exotic creatures require when they become our pets. The program will include stories, crafts, and opportunities to handle some of these amazing creatures.

Wilderness Survival Junior NEW! Session III
What would you do if you were lost in the woods? This hands-on class will teach you to appreciate the challenge of survival without the comforts of home. Learn to build a weatherproof shelter; build, start, and maintain a fire (without actually starting one!); use a compass to find your way; and tie knots. You’ll also learn how not to get lost – and what to do if you do.

Woodworking Session II, III
Use your mind, muscle, and creativity as you turn wood into something wonderful! Design and build a variety of projects while learning how to use hammers, saws, sanders, drills, and other hand tools. You’ll gain new skills and confidence and are guaranteed to have lots of fun. Both beginning and experienced woodworkers are welcome!

X Marks the Spot Session III
Want to know a secret about Summer Place? Okay, but you have to keep it to yourself. This place is full of hidden treasures. Behind buildings, around the lake, under the trees … there is amazing stuff to find all over! How do I know? Because I hid it all, of course! And if you want to find all of these treasures, you’ll need to use cunning and teamwork and the latest GPS technology each day as you follow clues, answer trivia questions, discover new clues, take and upload pictures, and find the prizes at the end- where X marks the spot!

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